sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

The new english version and DIY by me.

Well, I used to visit some blogs about fashion from  really good people, but I think that they probably want to read about the things I write, unfortunately my blog use to be only on spanish ^^ and now when I write a new article it will be on spanish and english ^^, in this form I will practice a lot, and it will be better for all fashion people, designers, followers and friends iD...
So now, I´m gonna show you a DIY that i want to make from a lot of days before, but only yesterday I  finally have time to do it, i have to say that when i was walking on school with my DIY leggin, people was like <.<... i keep walking and was like <.<, jajaja! that was fun, because it was like... ^^! 

Well the inspirations was this, pictures are from Susie Lau´s blog, actually I think that the pretty asian girl in the last picture it´s she, ^^(I´m her fan, actually). And some other leggins but even when I really try to remember the designer I couldn´t,  , but this is a big example about the inspiration, and why not, another DIY of course.

So now, first thing that you need to have is a leggin, I use my old black leggin because it was the only one that i have, second some nice fabric for the laps, needle and threead. wii!

and that´s it! hope enjoy it :D ^^ I really love the results ^^

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